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So hi there, welcome to my little online brain!!

My name is Becca and I live in London, (well just outside of London but that part doesn't count). I am 21 nearly 22 (my Taylor Swift year is nearly here) and I am currently an Actress working in a busy London tourist attraction absolutely loving life there but alas I am stuck at home due to Miss Rona hence why I am starting a blog about what is going on in my brain.

I was born in August 1998, a cute, chubby, ginger-ish baby to a Welsh father and a Liverpudlian mum and since I was a child I have absolutely loved musicals, Disney and food (we love being a chonker since day one). Went to a basic all girls secondary school filled with all the stereotypes of bitchiness, gossip and catfights except for me who was lucky enough to be one of the losers so no one ever cared what I did. After school I went to Bath Spa University (BATH SPA WE GO HARD) where I studied Drama and came away with a piece of paper and a handshake from Jeremy Irons #blessed

Since leaving university I feel like I have really experienced all that life has had the opportunity to throw at me such as anxiety, partial-unemployment, debt and now a pandemic. But I have also been incredibly lucky as in November 2019 I started my job in London and I honestly couldn't see myself doing anything else (at least for the time being.)

But I think that is enough about me because honestly my past hasn't been that interesting but hopefully I can make it a bit more interesting in the future (that was cheesy I know)

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